Plataform TOK

Happy TOK

Aware of psychosocial and public health problems that are costly to the national health system and families, problems related to food intolerances (like celiac disease, lactose intolerance, meet protein allergy, metabolic disorders), diabetes or morbid obesity due to uncontrolled food consumption, sugars and salt rich processed foods, soft drinks, sweets, snacks, etc…, TOK Platform presents Happy TOK therapeutic resort, a place that solves all these frictions.

What is Happy TOK?

Happy TOK therapeutic resort combines nutritional, psychological and family health as well as cognitive development, uniting these qualities benefiting users complete health, allowing a real-time monitoring by professionals. The integration of these services in person or online, allows easy access and reduced global cost to parents and children.


Happy TOK wants to place the Tâmega e Sousa region at the top of the world in terms of prevention systems and operate from this region to other cities. Show that the region bets on innovation, prevention, sustainability, that it thinks about the future and bets on improving the quality of life of children and young people.

What are the innovative aspects of Happy Tok?

Happy TOK offers socio-economical services nonexistent in the region.

Modules with different functionality for children with special needs. Through face-to-face and online consultations, the development and monitoring of children and young people is personalized and directed, obtaining faster and longer lasting results.

  • TOK NUTRI (For a balanced and healthy diet) – Access to pre-defined nutritional plans, customized nutritional plans, online consultations in the comfort of home, face-to-face consultations.
  • TOK PSIC (So that children can be children) – Through online consultations in the comfort of the home, face-to-face consultations, greater well-being for children and family.
  • TOK MEDIC (A healthy child is a happy child) – Through online consultations in the comfort of the home, face-to-face consultations, list of medical specialties, list of doctors associated with TOK network.

The Happy TOK unites and globalizes all these modules and services for the well-being of children and adolescents with clinical, metabolic and psychosocial problems.

May your medicine be your food, and let your food be your medicine.”