Plataform TOK

The TOK Platform

What is the TOK Platform

TOK is a platform created to manage users, online and in real time, that can allocate into their own account a certain amount of money, manage it, apply monthly, weekly or daily limits and use that balance to purchase products and/or services in a network of shops where the TOK terminals are installed.

Its target audience is mainly students and the school universe, public and private, as well as the expansion to other markets.

How was the idea born?

The idea was born from the analysis of the problem of carrying money on the street that as become like an adventure, especially for children and teenagers that find at their disposal in a very easy manner a variety of products considered not appropriate for consumption. Adding to this an increasing growth rate in violence, assaults and crime, there never was such an exposure to so many risk factors.

The TOK platform solves this problem in the way that facilitates people’s lives, dispensing the use of money of payment cards. You can leave your house with your smartphone and use the generated QR-Code or your own fingerprint to make a payment. This way you avoid children and teenager taking money or payment cards to school, discouraging bullying to extort money as well as skipping school to go to cafes and bars and also the acquisition of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

How does it work?

Payment by fingerprint makes it easier to use in schools, in a way that children and teenagers don’t need to use of money in their daily lives, strengthening the feeling of security. Apart from the permission to make payments, the TOK platform allows parents to manage their son’s accounts and also a parental control providing information about what their children have eaten or not, what type of products were acquired and at what time, through notifications in real time by text or email, also providing the location of the TOK terminal used.

The TOK platform is not a bank so it does not work like one. TOK is a management platform created to manage users online and in real time. Another innovation is the identification of the user’s account that allows TOK to block the acquisition of products forbidden for minors such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs and gambling. It also features a parental control service for the acquisition of products with high levels of salt and/or sugar for teenagers with health problems, like diabetes and morbid obesity.

What the TOK Platform can do