Plataform TOK

TOK, the Portuguese government and Coca-Cola

TOK Platform and its role in the orientation of the present society

There has recently been a sharp friction between de Portuguese Government and Coca-Cola over the imposition of a new tax to products with substantial sugar levels in an attempt to discipline less healthy eating habits that causes disease whose healing would be expensive to National Health System.

What can go wrong in all this?! The people will stop drink Coca-Cola?! Here, a problem has been created whit two types of “bad boys”, in one side the Coca-Cola and the others Big Marks, believing to be themselves the guilty, unjustly, when in reality they make a strong work to maintain the same quality of products with less and less sugar levels; and in the other side the Portuguese Government, that caring about people and trying to discipline eating habits, found on extra tax the only method to get there, being then unjustly accused to run behind tax revenue.

So, what´s the role for parents in all that?!

More than social, the core of problem it´s civic. We cannot demand at Government that takes strong attitudes and after hold him accountable for this, like we cannot wish to drink a Coca-Cola and after guilting the mark by the high sugar level.

The solutions for all these problems have to start from parents, from prevention, from the creation of responsible eating habits, maintaining and managing the same habits over time. It´s not a solution, guilting the Government or Big Brands after sending a son to school and this one purchase less healthy products to eating without parent´s knowing!

It lacked a tool that helps eliminate this set of guilty frictions and that promote a real prevention of responsible healthy eating habits. TOK Platform is born to fill this void, this gap. TOK Platform is born to solve this and other problems.

TOK have a simple operation, through a parental control service, the parent’s, or the user account manager, is invited to take an active role in the discipline of healthy and responsible eating habits, and for this the parent´s can manage the type of products that can be purchased and their quantity, in a logic of rationalization, becoming a civic and responsible role in the development of the son as a teenager.

Instead of Money or credit cards, TOK Platform use a fingerprint as TOUCH ID to purchasing products, this contributes to a disincentive to the purchase of unsuitable products by minors of legal age, like tobacco, alcohol, drugs or lottery and other money games.

The Government in articulation with Big Brands and TOK Platform, will categorize products with a specific code to be used by TOK Platform, improving the manage of purchasing products and related consumption habits.

The TOK platform role with their world innovation system has the solution to solve all present society friction, appearing as a facilitator and friction eliminator, for a concrete and definitive implementation of healthy consumption habits. It was born to predict not only this type of friction, between Government, Big Brands and Consumers, but also others subjects that will be briefly exposed.

The fault cannot be blamed on the Big Brands, who try at all costs maintain quality by reducing sugar levels.

Nor is it the fault of the Government, which strives to discourage consumption by applying extra-tax.

Nor is it the fault of the parent´s, who give money to His son´s for them buy food, even without knowing what they do with money, is the only way they can get products.

There were no tools that dispensed the use of money and also promote the management of healthy consumption habits, that was the problem, but now with a very easy and complete system like the TOK Platform all these frictions will eventually disappear.